I Definitely Need Anti-Aging Cream This Week!

If you have been reading my daily posts you know that this week has basically been nuts.  Even still I need to make sure I post about the limited time give-away I am currently running:   When you click here and make a $50 purchase from Beautycounter you are entered to win a free anti-aging […]

Is Your Skincare Routine Giving You Cancer? Replace It With Natural Products That Work

If you knew that ingredients in your face cream were known carcinogens would you keep using it? Can you believe that the FDA  doesn’t regulate or require testing for cosmetics?   The fact is – many skincare products contain harmful ingredients.  Amazingly, the Food and Drug Administration isn’t responsible for monitoring most skincare ingredients.  It is up […]

February Favorites: All About Skincare – Body Lotion, Face Wash and Concealer

Struggling with dry and irritated skin this winter has inspired me to devote my February favorites to skincare items.  The weather where I live has been fluctuating drastically – one day it feels like summer and literally the next day it is snowing. I guess every time the weather gets nice my body thinks it […]

January Beauty Favorites: Skincare, Makeup and Fitness

The winter time blues is upon us!  This time of year is always tough.  In January we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to start the year off right and be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Plus, where I live, the days are short and temperatures often plummet below the […]