13 Perfect Places To Take Toddlers In (Or Near) Philly

Life with toddlers has a unique pace.  You desperately structure daylight hours around snacks, lunch, and naps.  You try to stave off meltdowns and tantrums with ninja-like reflexes by maintaining blood sugar levels, encouraging play and praying for sleep. I spent four years with babies and toddlers in Philadelphia and I found myself constantly searching […]

How to Be The Mom Who Has It All Together In A World of Hot Messes

Can I be blatantly honest with you for a minute?   Full disclosure:  this is not going to make you feel good and I am pretty sure that I am breaking about 1,000 rules of etiquette by doing this.   In fact, I don’t really want to say anything because I think it will hurt […]

2 Healthy Homemade Snacks Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Pickiest Eater

It’s a constant battle (that I often lose) to get my kids to eat vegetables.   They’ll happily eat whatever is fried and/or shaped like a dinosaur.  They might take a few bites if dinner has a Star Wars theme and is dripping with something that I guess is supposed to be cheese…   I […]

Let Love, Patience And Understanding Rule 2016 – Resolve To Get Back To Basics

       There are some basic ingredients to growing my family – love patience and understanding.  The ups and downs of life will always happen but as long as our foundation is built from those three qualities then I feel prepared to not only enjoy the good times but also to weather whatever storms […]

What I Learned From An Awesome (Toddler) Drag Show

So, this happened:  In case you are wondering what is on the sweet little mischievous faces of my messy toddlers – that would be makeup: Eyebrows:  OPI Nail Lacquer. Shade:  Cozu-melted in the Sun Chin:  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.  Shade:  Caviar Ink Cheeks:  Bare Escentuals Yellow Eyecolor.  Shade: Trophy Wife Application Tools / Technique: Shiseido The Makeup Concealer […]

35 FREE Family Activities Perfect For The Holidays

Truth:  the holidays are stressful. But guess what? With some creative family activities they can still be special and sweet. We all want to share wonderful moments with the ones we love but that desire can get lost in all of the hectic preparations for the season. I know at this time of year it seems […]

Family Life: Rise Above The Chaos and Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice

Family life is insane.   Don’t get me wrong – I love my little family and every crazy little part of it.  I just mean that it boggles my mind how quickly days fly by filled with dramatic highs (giggle fights, and spontaneous ‘Mommy, I used the potty’ dance parties) and lows (temper tantrums and […]