Three Secret Weapons To Quickly Organize Your Life This Fall

There is a small window of time each year that I love:  the orange-red sunsets of summer are at their peak and I don’t yet feel the need to use an alarm clock to wake up each morning.  Just before the Fall season, when life is peaceful and quiet I get excited about the nitty-gritty details […]

Product Review: Grammarly – The Service That Tells You When There Is Spinach In Your Teeth

Okay – first things first – full disclosure – Grammarly does not actually tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.  BUT that relief you feel when you know you’ve taken care of a spinach situation and can smile wide for the rest of the day?   That’s the feeling I get when I […]

Is Your Skincare Routine Giving You Cancer? Replace It With Natural Products That Work

If you knew that ingredients in your face cream were known carcinogens would you keep using it? Can you believe that the FDA  doesn’t regulate or require testing for cosmetics?   The fact is – many skincare products contain harmful ingredients.  Amazingly, the Food and Drug Administration isn’t responsible for monitoring most skincare ingredients.  It is up […]

January Beauty Favorites: Skincare, Makeup and Fitness

The winter time blues is upon us!  This time of year is always tough.  In January we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to start the year off right and be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Plus, where I live, the days are short and temperatures often plummet below the […]