If America Was A Playground

If America were your baby, how would you help it learn and grow? Right now it seems America is embracing its toddler years with an embarrassing amount of defiance, whining, and tantrums from all sides.  Let me be perfectly clear – I am not setting myself apart – I fully admit that I am just […]

The Two-Month Mark & Asthma Update

Monday marked our 8th week here in Idaho.  Two months have flown by like a dream and, so far, the move is everything we hoped it would be.  As we’ve settled into our new home and our new city I’ve been focused on helping my kids get used to life as we now know it. […]

Mom Fail #678,902

Spoiler alert:  I am completely going to blame this mom-fail on my cross-country move.  I have found two things to be the hardest during this whole moving process:  Keeping appointments straight (and until now somehow managing not to forget a single one for my kids or myself.) Adjusting to being what I am going to call […]

Idaho Halloween 2016

Yesterday was a big day for the Barla family.  My kids have been waiting excitedly to dress up for Halloween since July.  Even though they dress up in superhero costumes almost every day of the year (and I love it) there is something special and exciting about costumes on Halloween. It was a very full […]


13 Perfect Places To Take Toddlers In (Or Near) Philly

Life with toddlers has a unique pace.  You desperately structure daylight hours around snacks, lunch, and naps.  You try to stave off meltdowns and tantrums with ninja-like reflexes by maintaining blood sugar levels, encouraging play and praying for sleep. I spent four years with babies and toddlers in Philadelphia and I found myself constantly searching […]

This Is What My Life Looked Like Two Years Ago

I loved it. I mean honestly…look at Iancu’s belly, look at Sandu’s little nose. In those two features I see nothing but perfection. It was a messy time, it was a crazy emotional time, it alternated between insanely loud and sweetly quiet but I would not change it for the world. I am so lucky […]

How To Survive A Traffic Jam with Two Toddlers

Being stuck in traffic is bad.  Being stuck in traffic with two toddlers is the worst.   12 Miles Of Tantrums Today I managed to keep my cool and keep everyone smiling even though our regular 25-minute ride turned into a two-hour gridlocked ordeal.  Where we are currently staying is 12 miles from our kid’s […]