Idaho Halloween 2016

Yesterday was a big day for the Barla family.  My kids have been waiting excitedly to dress up for Halloween since July.  Even though they dress up in superhero costumes almost every day of the year (and I love it) there is something special and exciting about costumes on Halloween. It was a very full […]

How Having Paid Maternity Leave Benefited My New Motherhood

Fact: Right now the United States is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid leave to workers. I was shocked to realize that when it comes to maternity leave not all employers offer the much-needed time for new parents to bond and care for their new infant. As a mother myself, […]


13 Perfect Places To Take Toddlers In (Or Near) Philly

Life with toddlers has a unique pace.  You desperately structure daylight hours around snacks, lunch, and naps.  You try to stave off meltdowns and tantrums with ninja-like reflexes by maintaining blood sugar levels, encouraging play and praying for sleep. I spent four years with babies and toddlers in Philadelphia and I found myself constantly searching […]

Labor Day Is The Best Time Of Year To Move

Moving anywhere is hard, even if you are moving somewhere familiar.  Something I find comforting is when I recognize the music on the radio in any new place. We officially moved to Southwest Idaho last week.  This move was a long time coming but we are currently settling into our new home and loving it. […]

Three Secret Weapons To Quickly Organize Your Life This Fall

There is a small window of time each year that I love:  the orange-red sunsets of summer are at their peak and I don’t yet feel the need to use an alarm clock to wake up each morning.  Just before the Fall season, when life is peaceful and quiet I get excited about the nitty-gritty details […]