Product Review: Grammarly – The Service That Tells You When There Is Spinach In Your Teeth

Okay – first things first – full disclosure – Grammarly does not actually tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.  BUT that relief you feel when you know you’ve taken care of a spinach situation and can smile wide for the rest of the day?   That’s the feeling I get when I […]

This Is What My Life Looked Like Two Years Ago

I loved it. I mean honestly…look at Iancu’s belly, look at Sandu’s little nose. In those two features I see nothing but perfection. It was a messy time, it was a crazy emotional time, it alternated between insanely loud and sweetly quiet but I would not change it for the world. I am so lucky […]

How To Survive A Traffic Jam with Two Toddlers

Being stuck in traffic is bad.  Being stuck in traffic with two toddlers is the worst.   12 Miles Of Tantrums Today I managed to keep my cool and keep everyone smiling even though our regular 25-minute ride turned into a two-hour gridlocked ordeal.  Where we are currently staying is 12 miles from our kid’s […]

“Mom, it’s really hard to grow up.”

Summer.  The beach is meant for running and digging. My kids have more energy than I knew was humanly possible.  Iancu needs to run and play for hours each day just to burn enough energy to fall asleep at night…forget about naps – for him they are a thing of the past. Sandu still needs […]

It’s Like Finding The Emergency Roll Of Toilet Paper

So today’s post is going to meander a little bit – from the headline you might expect a review of the best roll of toilet paper – but that’s not what this is. Just stick with me and it will all make sense.  (I think.) Today is the kind of day that involves rocket ships […]