This Is Something I Just Can’t Get Over

This is where I live…and I just can’t get over it.  Last Sunday Iancu, the kids, and I went for a little drive to discover new things about where we live.  We literally drove ten minutes further down a road we had never been down before and ended up finding the most beautiful lake. This […]

The Two-Month Mark & Asthma Update

Monday marked our 8th week here in Idaho.  Two months have flown by like a dream and, so far, the move is everything we hoped it would be.  As we’ve settled into our new home and our new city I’ve been focused on helping my kids get used to life as we now know it. […]

Idaho Halloween 2016

Yesterday was a big day for the Barla family.  My kids have been waiting excitedly to dress up for Halloween since July.  Even though they dress up in superhero costumes almost every day of the year (and I love it) there is something special and exciting about costumes on Halloween. It was a very full […]