The Two-Month Mark & Asthma Update

Monday marked our 8th week here in Idaho.  Two months have flown by like a dream and, so far, the move is everything we hoped it would be.  As we’ve settled into our new home and our new city I’ve been focused on helping my kids get used to life as we now know it. […]

Idaho Halloween 2016

Yesterday was a big day for the Barla family.  My kids have been waiting excitedly to dress up for Halloween since July.  Even though they dress up in superhero costumes almost every day of the year (and I love it) there is something special and exciting about costumes on Halloween. It was a very full […]


13 Perfect Places To Take Toddlers In (Or Near) Philly

Life with toddlers has a unique pace.  You desperately structure daylight hours around snacks, lunch, and naps.  You try to stave off meltdowns and tantrums with ninja-like reflexes by maintaining blood sugar levels, encouraging play and praying for sleep. I spent four years with babies and toddlers in Philadelphia and I found myself constantly searching […]

What I Learned From An Awesome (Toddler) Drag Show

So, this happened:  In case you are wondering what is on the sweet little mischievous faces of my messy toddlers – that would be makeup: Eyebrows:  OPI Nail Lacquer. Shade:  Cozu-melted in the Sun Chin:  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.  Shade:  Caviar Ink Cheeks:  Bare Escentuals Yellow Eyecolor.  Shade: Trophy Wife Application Tools / Technique: Shiseido The Makeup Concealer […]

Family Life: Rise Above The Chaos and Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice

Family life is insane.   Don’t get me wrong – I love my little family and every crazy little part of it.  I just mean that it boggles my mind how quickly days fly by filled with dramatic highs (giggle fights, and spontaneous ‘Mommy, I used the potty’ dance parties) and lows (temper tantrums and […]