The Two-Month Mark & Asthma Update

Asthma upate
Hanging out by the lake with daddy

Monday marked our 8th week here in Idaho.  Two months have flown by like a dream and, so far, the move is everything we hoped it would be.  As we’ve settled into our new home and our new city I’ve been focused on helping my kids get used to life as we now know it.  The biggest highlight to share at this point:

The boys are breathing a lot easier.

I am cautiously optimistic, now that we’ve been here for a couple of months, that our cross country move really is having a positive effect on their asthma symptoms.  Once we are here for a full year I’ll be blatantly optimistic but I’d like to get through all four seasons before I get too excited.

What I can say for sure is that this Fall has been completely different for us than any in the past four years.  Before moving here I could count on one hand the number of days Sandu did not cough in the last year.  Now, for the past eight weeks, there have only been a few days that he has coughed.  Iancu, too, usually has a severe asthma flare-up (which means 2-3 weeks of severe coughing) when he gets a cold.  His “new school” cold here has come and gone with mild coughing the lasted only for about two days.

Because the kids are a lot healthier, so far, we are able to be outside a lot more and go places that we probably would have had to skip in the past.  Our quality of life is so much better already and Iancu and I are so happy that we decided to make this move with our family.

Hopefully, the boys continue to breathe easy and we can all continue to happily (and healthily) explore our new home.

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